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Me after 2016's "Chanukkah Gelt 5k," my second race ever. This is the face of a kid who got in trouble for lying to her 5th grade P.E. teacher about an imaginary heart condition so she could get out of running the mile. Not unlike that child, I was sad there was no actual Gelt at the end of this race.

I try to make working out suck as little as possible.

I'm Jen, a NASM certified personal trainer with about a decade in the fitness industry. I used to weigh a lot more than I do now, and exercise used to make me cry more than the first 10 minutes of Disney/Pixar's "Up." But after deciding to make my health a priority when I noticed that other 20 somethings had a lot more energy than I did, I developed an appreciation (dare I say LOVE?) of working out. I can help you reach your lofty fitness goals, or I can help you to just stay active.

I specialize in a lot of areas, including:

Corrective Exercise

Tore your ACL a few years back and never got moving again?

Great, we'll pick up where your PT left off.

Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Your baby is going to come out JACKED. Like, ready to squat 350lbs and won't shut up about CrossFit. While they're doing muscle ups, we'll work on your Diastasis Recti.

Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis

Strength and stability is key, and we'll address it in ways that make you feel comfortable.

Barre Above certified instructor

Pull out that leotard and let's head to the Joffrey Ballet.

Cracking bad jokes to distract you

from the delicious pain

In case you haven't picked that up by now.

Want to know more about me, my certifications,

and my training philosophy? Click here.

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