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I am a...

  • Certified Personal Trainer


  • Certified Nutrition Coach
    (Precision Pn1)

  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist

  • Certified Specialist in
    Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Certified Barre instructor
    (Savvier Fitness)

  • Certified best daughter
    (My mom & dad)

Feeling my lewks in 1993. My mom made that dress. I had just gotten these glasses and I thought they made me look sophisticated.
Still feeling my lewks. This time it's 2006. I traded the bear for Bud Light. I should have kept the bear. Hat for sophistication.

My story

“I’ll start working with a personal trainer when I’m in better shape.” It’s a sentence I hear a lot when speaking to first-time exercisers. They’re interested in hiring a trainer to help with their fitness routines, but feel they have to be fit already before actually working with one. Kind of like cleaning your entire apartment before your housekeeper comes.

Many of my co-trainers can’t understand this sentiment. “That’s our whole job! To help you get healthier!”

However, I can understand it fully.

Imagine the girl above enters a public gym for the first time, a few years older but with the same fashion sense.

Her football coach father had tried to foster any sliver of athleticism she might have inherited to no avail. She meets with a trainer the gym assigns, a Greek God-like creature with rippling muscles and a body fat percentage that matched his vocabulary. After running through a quick fitness assessment (that she failed with flying colors), this young Zeus trainer who’d never run slower than a 6 minute mile attempted to make a newcomer do 45 seconds of Burpees (which at first she thought was simply a burp on command, no problem!) When she needed to stop at only 15 seconds in, Mr. 12 pack abs said “I guess you just don’t want this enough. I guess you just want to stay a fat, unhealthy girl forever.” You’re right, 12 pack Zeus. I certainly didn’t want it. I didn’t want to work with someone who had no idea how to program exercises for a complete beginner. Who had no clue how to start with the basics and the joy of movement, and had no clue how to focus a fitness routine on how it made you feel rather than what you’d look like as a result. And I certainly did not want to work with someone who felt it was okay to shame a teenage girl about her body, or who thought your health was determined by your appearance.

Clearly, I never met with 12 pack Zeus again. And I didn’t go to the gym for awhile. But around the time I graduated college, when this second picture was taken, I decided I wanted to try again. (On my own, this time). I lost close to 100lbs, because that’s what I wanted for myself.

I chose to be a trainer because I wanted to be the antithesis of 12 pack Zeus. To be the type of trainer that can work with someone at any stage of their fitness programming, not only when they're in shape enough to run a 10k.


"Personal Training for All Y'all"

My goal is to help every client- regardless of experience, ability, strength level, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything else you can think of- find the joy in being active and moving their body. I want to work with you to find the right tools you need for your fitness toolbox, so we can leave the rest of the bullsh*t behind. I make the promise to you that we will focus on whatever it is that makes you feel strong, confident, and feeling your best. I truly believe that we are all beautifully different, and different things work for different people.

Let’s find what works together!

July 14th, 2017. The day I had abs. After this picture was taken, I drank some water and those abs disappeared, never to be seen again. If you find them, contact me on this site. REWARD.

Fun non-fitness facts:

  • I'm an actor, singer, writer, and improvisor too! You can check out my acting website here.
  • I'm also a wedding blogger! You can read my articles here.
  • I'm a University of Florida alum. Go Gators!
  • I'm a huge animal lover, my favorite is the manatee!
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