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Testify! What the clients have to say:

"I've been training with Jen now for well over 5 years and she's the perfect mix of competent, truly funny, and serious a$$-kicker! She's helped me come back from a plethora of injuries and challenges- all while making it a truly good time."

-Jennifer C., Brooklyn NY


"Jen helped me trust my body again.  I began training with Jen a year after my son was born.  I had a rough pregnancy and delivery and needed to rebuild strength and endurance but more importantly I needed to feel safe in my body again.  Meeting and working with Jen was an answered prayer.  She quickly assessed my needs both physically and emotionally and was able to guide, support, and encourage me in ways that surprised me. I am now physically stronger which comes in handy when chasing after a toddler, my balance has improved, and I feel more toned and flexible. 


I've recommended Jen to many friends, family and colleagues.  I have had trainers in the past and Jennifer is unique.  She has a special talent for customizing workouts and finding the delicate balance of motivating me to work hard while at the same time making me feel comfortable with my level of strength and ability.


Training with Jen is the highlight of my week!  She is hilarious, inspiring, compassionate and brilliant.  Whether we are working out in person or virtually, I feel amazing after our workouts."

-Sarah T., Brooklyn NY

"I love working out with Jen via virtual sessions. She designed a workout that utilized the limited equipment I had and it's been a really effective workout!

-Jessica I., Orlando FL

"Jen is a wonderful trainer and I’m lucky to have found a fitness professional whose style is so encouraging and also a perfect fit for my personal motivations and challenges.  I’ve been working with her for a year and have not only gotten stronger but I’ve also gained confidence in my ability to move and change my body. 


I have more weight to lose but we never focus JUST on weight loss, because I didn’t want my training plan to be driven by that one indicator.  Jen really listed to what my goals were (to get stronger and be healthier) and she tailors every session accordingly. 


She is kind and supportive and I’ve gone from never exercising (honestly, zero exercise for years) to looking forward to our weekly sessions.  I can’t recommend Jen more highly!"

-Kate S., Brooklyn, NY

"I had been working with a trainer for over a year who was only interested in how much money they could get from me. After a few months of being jaded about trainers, I met and began working with Jen and have had an entirely positive experience.

Through the care and effort she puts into creating entirely personalized workouts, I have gotten to know my physical capabilities more than ever before, identified points that need the most repair, and gained the knowledge to set realistic and attainable goals. All the while she's super easy to talk to, flexible, and I believe is genuinely invested in her clients' overall wellness."

-Jake F., Brooklyn, NY

"I cannot say enough good things about Jen Rizzuto Fitness. First of all, the fact that she can so aptly train and coach people via the internet is truly amazing. Even a basic squat can become a muscle-burning/frying/searing movement when Jen is on the call. "Just push through that left foot a liiiitle more on your next rep," she says. And I'll end up screaming at her, "How did you see that?! Now my left butt cheek is on fire!"


With that said, she is extremely professional. She is not fazed by my yelling (cursing) or exasperated sighs (crying). She gathers so much information when you begin your journey with her, including your past experience with movement, symptoms or pain you may have been feeling at any point, your goals -- all of them from aesthetic to nutrition to functional movement.


I am especially grateful for her extensive knowledge and experience with corrective exercise. I have been working with her weekly since this summer, and I feel stronger and far more knowledgeable about my body and movement. And, she is a great listener. Who else was going to listen to my rants about pelvic floor health, diastasis, my missing left glute muscles, hypermobility yet lack of mobility, knock knees and flat feet with such enthusiasm and profuse note taking? Jen, that's who."

-Brittany L., Cooperstown, NY

"Jen is awesome. I wasn’t seeing any progress in my weight loss until I started working with her. She tailored the weekly workouts to my specific needs, as well as helped me keep my nutrition on track. Highly recommend her."

-Josh D., Huntington, NY

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