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It's time for the first annual JRF March Madness Challenge!

Friends and lovers, it's been a hard winter. (Who am I kidding. It's been a hard year since last March). Most of us are working from home. My elbow has literally worn a hole in the arm of my couch because I sit so damn much. And I'M A TRAINER! I should be moving around like 24/7. And before the pandemic hit, I was.

For real though, how do I fix this couch. I just paid it off.

While it's so important to social distance and stay inside as much as we can, all this working from home means our activity levels have dropped a bit. We may have disconnected from activities we enjoy. It may be a lot harder to squeeze in a workout. Behold - the JRF March Madness Challenge!

Or don't swipe, since this isn't Instagram.

Here's the deal, kids!

Sound good? I hear you want a competitive edge....

But wait! There's more!

*Community Class Thursday is every Thursday at 6:30pm EST

*Stretch and Flex (with Trident Health and Fitness) is every Wednesday at 6:30pm EST

*Odd Objects (with Trident Health and Fitness) is every Saturday at 11:30am EST

*Sunday Brunch (with Trident Health and Fitness) is every Sunday 10:00am EST

Email me for info! Community Class Thursday is always donation based, and your first class with Trident Health and Fitness is free!


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